Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Awww, Woman Births Adorable Triplet After 27yrs Of Marriage | Photos

I love good news...yes! And baby news too..:-)
God has proven He is still very much in the business of doing miracles, as a beautiful Nigerian couple have birthed their first child - a triplet after 27 years of marriage.

"We looked up straight to heaven for 19 years and three angels sent from up above for us to love, to hold and rock and kiss good night, to wrap our arms real tight and keep them safe and warm while counting their toes, stay believing we did now have 3 angels sent from up above. 
After 19 years of waiting , he did it and above all he made it up to them by giving them 3 beautiful kids ( both sex) God is a Miracle worker and he never fails. Just believe and trust in him, it's never too late for to do it," the overwhelmed brand new mom wrote via Oduola Shotunde @modu27photography on Instagram.

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