Thursday, 26 May 2016

Annie Idibia Cries Out Over 21-month-old Boy Severely Brutalised By Step Mum

Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia has called on everyone to help join the campaign to seek justice for a 21-month-old boy named Musa who was severely brutized by his evil step mom in Kano.
The folks at Angels of Hope Foundation shared the heartbreaking story on Instagram. Please continue...

According to them, "Musa, a 21-month-old boy is a victim of domestic violence in Kano. His parents are divorced. Musa's step mother cut off his private part, broke his arms, his legs, cut his tongue, Injured him in the eye, his feet and other parts of his body.

The 21 month old was operated on and his getting better Physically but has gone through the worst kind of emotional trauma.

The police arrested his Step mother (After days of hide & seek), his father and his grand mother. The step mother has denied the accusation laid on her, his father and grand mother claim that the little boys body was mutilated by Jinns and his father has not paid a penny or contributed in any way to help Musas treatment, instead he his supporting his wife and emphasizing that she is innocent.

He actually tried to bribe a police officer with one thousand naira (#1000) to let them go. The AHF team paid a visit to them and is contributing to the treatment of this little toddler and we are calling on all legal practitioners, human rights activists, human rights lawyers to join us in getting #JusticeforMusa. The monsters who did this to him should be behind bars. Musa has an elder sister who is in the fathers custody, she should be returned to her mother, where she will be better taken care of. Let's come together and make sure these people are brought to justice."

Annie joined the #Justiceformusa campaign writing;
This broke my heart !!!! Sad... Hurt ... How can humans be this wicked! His "Stepmom" did this to him ,broke his 2legs,arms,cut off his tongue and God knows what else is broken,what could he have done that was so bad.. An innocent child who is still learning how to even speak ,a child that needs love and protection ...God!this kid is even a few months younger than my 2yrs old daughter ,I can't get this child off my mind and the trauma this little toddler is going through... Pls am calling on all Legal Practitioners ,human right lawyers, to join and let's get #justiceforMusa. The monster who did this to him must be put behind bars and Punished!!! Heard he has a senior sister too.. Please should be taken out of the reach of her wicked step mom and back to her mother ... Also heard the boy father is busy defending his wife that she didn't mean it ... Please ,such evil should be dealt with! Thank you @angelsofhopefoundation for letting us know and everyone else's trying to get help for Musa!God bless you. Pls post Musa pic with the hashtag #justiceformusa till it gets to our leaders ... Musa must get justice ... #endviolenceagainstchildren #justiceformusa

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