Friday, 8 April 2016

Photos From Queen Jane Ali's Kids Cultural Festival

Queen Jane Ali Face of Culture NorthCentral 2015/2016 shuts down Benue with Kids Cultural Festival with massive attendance of both kids and parents who came to celebrate with their kids all dressed in tribal attires at Temple Gate Academy.

During the celebration alot of activities took place, Dance presentations from different ethnic groups, a unity drama, Proverbs and riddles in traditional dialects, Anthem recitation in dialects. And Dance! Dance! Dance!!!
Different tribes participated including other geopolitical zones. Packages were given to each group, as it wasn't a competition but a celebration of Love and unity.
The most interesting part of it is that Top students from each schools will be sponsored in the coming project BENUE SPELLING BEE, powered by WowzaGist and Proudly Sponsored by Queen Jane Ali.

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