Friday, 8 April 2016

OAP Freeze Thinks It's Wrong To Marry For Money And Uses Caroline Danjuma As An Example

Popular OAP Freeze has urged ladies to desist from going into marriage for all the wrong reasons. Freeze who's fast becoming renowned for sharing strong opinions on critical issues said money doesn't guarantee happiness in marriage and made reference to Caroline Danjuma, whose hubby's currently engulfed in infidelity scandal. Last year, Freeze broke free from a very stormy marriage and he's currently in another relationship which might see him walk down the aisle for the second time soon.
Does a good GOD want you in a bad marriage?? The answer is NO!

Ladies don't rush into marriage because you are getting old, or because your parents want a grand child or because you feel that if you are not married after a certain age you are deemed a failure.

Marriage does not determine success, on the contrary, failure can be a result of a #BadMarriage. Always settle for long term happiness, even if it means short term discomfort.

If you can't make yourself happy no one else can! Don't be waiting for a man or woman to be your emotional or financial helper, instead look for someone that shares common goals, interests and perception with you and strive to achieve the goals together!

There is no greater pain than the anguish of a #BadMarriage don't become the next victim!
Money doesn't guarantee happiness in marriage. The recently trending case of a pretty mixed race actress has clearly shown this. The sadness of a bad marriage cannot be wiped away by 'Gucci' 'Rolex' or 'Range Rover' these things are nice but we don't know how fickle and transient they are until you own them and your marital sorrow still persists.

It's also harder to leave a rich man that a poor one! Lol!

Marriage doesn't make you! You make it! So please start by choosing #MrRight instead of #MrRightNow!

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