Monday, 25 April 2016

I Never Dated Beverly Osu, What We Have Is A Christain Relationship - Terry G

Back in February 2016, there were reports that BBA former housemate turned actress, Beverly Osu was heartbroken over crooner Terry G. According to the report, Beverly and Terry dated hush hush back in 2015. . .and while Beverly seemed very much in love with him, the crooner wasn't ready for any commitment as he is in a 7year relationship with his London based girlfriend and they both have a three year old kid together, (read here)
Fast forward to April, Terry G has come out to clear the air on the alleged relationship, telliing Punch he never dated the dark skinned thespian as she's his christian sister and they are in a christian relationship. What he said after the cut...

He said, "That is a false notion; I was not involved in any amorous relationship with Beverly Osu."

When asked if he chose to dump Beverly because of her drinking habits, Terry G replied "How can you break up with or break the heart of someone you were never in a relationship with in the first instance?"

"We were not in any kind of love relationship; I am her Christian brother and she is my Christian sister. It was a Christian relationship."

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