Wednesday, 6 April 2016

For Fear Of Becoming A Babymama, Lady Settled For An Abortion...And This Happened!

...TGNB Abortion Series 6!

She terminated their pregnancy without his consent, and he made a public ridicule of her. So much for not wanting to be a baby mama.
"I read somewhere, that every woman who had had an abortion somehow feels bad about it, but after my experience, I beg to say that whoever wrote that nonsense must be high on cheap drugs.

I would have been a proud father of a beautiful, adorable child but for a woman who choose to hardened her heart to all of my pleads to keep our pregnancy - our baby!

We met late 2014 and were together for the most part of 2015. Back than, I thought what we shared was love - true love. But how do you claim to love someone and deliberately hurt them - so bad, their hearts can't stop aching?

I was out of town when she called to break the news, and to asked for some money to terminate the pregnancy. I tried all I could to talk her out of it but she was keen bent.

She apparently made the drop of a hat decision simply because we weren't married.

She said the only condition with which she could keep the pregnancy was if I was prepared to pay her bride price before the pregnancy became obvious.

Coming from a broken home, the last thing I want to do is to marry for the wrong reasons - like marrying a woman because she's carrying my child. I have had my fair share of failed marriage - my parents' marriage and I have made a long standing decision to bide my time in picking a life partner.

But I was prepared to do everything humanly possible to make sure she and our unborn baby didn't lack a thing and I made it clear to her. There wasn't anything I didn't do or say to buttered her up to keep the pregnancy, but she insisted she wouldn't keep it for love nor money. How anyone could be so hard-hearted is beyond me.

Sarah, she has the devil's heart. A terrible, heartless mistake for a woman, if you'll excuse my French. She followed her nose and aborted the pregnancy. She denied me the opportunity of becoming a father.

Oh, how I nearly went to pieces.

Guess what? She expected us to move on as though nothing happened.

She came over after the abortion to explain that she was strongly against women having kids out of wedlock and claimed to have a covenant with God on it. But she wouldn't say no to sex. Unprotected sex. How could she when she likes it so much? When she likes it bale every other weekend.

I gave her a taste of her own medicine by ending the relationship... publicly.

I waited till her elder brother's wedding anniversary party to drop the bombshell. Prior to the event, I acted as though it nothing. As though we were still very much together. She nearly jumped out of her skin when I stepped further, took the mic and announced, with a smile, that we were no longer an item, and it was because she adamantly refused to keep a pregnancy.

I know she will never forgive me for that, same way I will never forgive her for killing my baby.

Oh well, that's some real tit for a tat!! Now, over to you guys. Do you think it ok or right for him to have publicly embarrassed her like that? I mean by telling everyone she had an abortion. If you were in his shoes what would you rather have done? And please don't forget to send me your abortion stories. Let reach out to others through our stories - only on TGNB! 

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