Saturday, 16 April 2016

Beware! Alibaba Narrates How People Use God's Name To Scam Others

Alibaba has warned fake men of God to stop lying in God's name, as it messes up chrisitianity. The ace comedian gave this warning while narrating how some so-called pastors tried to scam people especially the guilible using God's name.
This came after he revealed on Instagram the conversation he held with a fan who claimed she got his number through vision, (see here) ... what he wrote after the cut....
After my post this morning about someone who God revealed my number to, I have been flooded by munched chats from different people who were nearly scammed, scammed and are still being scammed. In November last year, a friend of ours, got a call from a pastor he had never met, that he was shown a vision from God where he got a payment of 250m and and he should make payment of 50m into his (prophet's) account. He had account details SEF. Our guy was shocked to see the text. 
He would have done it but he couldn't. You know God is all knowing. But God did not give him the full vision. Because he had sold a 330m property he had for 280m and was looking for another 200m to make up 500m he was owing his bank. He just ignored him because what was doing him then was more than one prophet looking to profit. Another person, a lady banker, was told by one man of God that she should marry his Assistant pastor, Who was a chemistry teacher in a school in Gwagwalada. That he was a Chemistry teacher was not the issue... She just did not like the idea of using God to coat a lie. And when she said she did not see the attraction, the man of God said, "by the time you finish marriage classes you will be head over heels in love with him". She immediately knew it was a scam. Because if God has done it, no marriage class can do better. 
And the last one I will share is one that a lady in the "kwaya" said God told her that the pastor should leave his wife and marry her. He sent her to delivery department. 6 months later, the pastor's marriage packed up. He sent for her but she said until he proposes... (This is was sent to me from her friend in the "kwaya"). My take is, people should stop lying in God's name. It messes up Christianity big time.

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