Friday, 8 April 2016

Aftermath Of Agatu Massacre: Locals Narrate Their Heartbreaking Ordeal

Osasu Igbinedion of the Osasu Show was at Agatu village in Benue state and spoke with some of the locals...below is what she wrote....

"Broadcast journalism means you'll be exposed to the good, bad and ugly during your career. Yesterday, I visited Agatu Local Government in Benue state to ascertain the severity of the dispute that occurred between the Fulani herdsmen/ cattle rearers and Agatu's indigenous farmers.

According to the local government chairman, about 350 people were killed during this clash that occurred throughout the last week of February (although we could not verify these numbers as every community/village we visited in Agatu suggested a higher figure). Nonetheless, every woman I interviewed had lost either a husband or children, and vice versa for the men. Behind me is just a minor example of the aftermath of the clash.

People complained of no drinking water, no mattresses to lay their head: the clothes they wore are the only belongings they have left. Crops they spent months, even years to harvest were all destroyed, now they have no food to eat. I'll be revealing more information on The Osasu Show in the following weeks to come.. stay tuned. #TheOsasuShow #Broadcastjournalism #SustainableDevelopment #CurrentAffairs #Nigeria #Africa #Europe #AgatuMassacre

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