Saturday, 23 April 2016

Actor, Nonso Diobi Slams Report By Linda Ikeji, Others That He Was Involved In A Ghastly Car Crash

Nollywood Actor, Nonso Diobi has slammed a recent report by popular Lagos blogger, Linda Ikeji and other news hubs, that he was involved in a ghastly car accident.
According to Linda who first published the story, the multi award winning actor was rushed to the hospital after he was involved in a ghastly accident on Sunday April 17, 2016. Please continue...
Linda had culled the story from a supposed instagram page belonging to the actor. The instagram page (@nonsodiobi1) shared a photo of a man with a cast around one of his legs with the caption;
"Had an accident yesterday evening, my leg all plastered up but i blv that sometimes God allows some things to happen to pple so we can no who our true frnds are... If u HV or know anyway u can help me heal faster pls do and always put me in your daily prayers....Tnk u and I love u all".
He however deleted the post almost immediately and replaced it with a pic of the actor and captioned;
This past few days has been the toughest time of my life , some friendship started while some ended in this few days ... Sometimes God allows things to happen to good people just to show u who your REAL friends are... Its so ironic how those "friends" close to u never cared when u down ,those close friends of mine I talk to everyday even on the phone never showed any care or affection towards my situation.. Can't even count the number of DM's and calls I got from pple I don't even know or talk to just to check up on me and no how they can help. 
Celebrities are also humans forget what  u see on TV ,they feel pain and they also try to reach out to pple, most people that HV met me or talked with me can bear me witness that I'm not one of those celebs that are rude, proud and acts like a god.... Its so sad when I tried to reach out to most people this past few days all I got was the " I DONT CARE SIGNAL" And it has made me realized that most people I v got around me are just there cos of the name, celebrity status and fame, just wanna say a big thank u to all those people that I don't no or talked to but yet check up on me everyday and even tried to help my situation... Pls be careful of FRENEMIES....I love u all regardless
Anyway, Nonso is irked with the way the story went viral because he didn't made the post and he's in fact not the owner of that account. The account happens to be fake. An impostor using his name to scam gullible fans.

Nonso's hale and hearty. He's @nonsodiobi on Instagram. In fact, I checked his real account and the last time he shared a post was last December.

Yesterday evening, TGNB received a voice message from the actor, where he issued a disclaimer against the fake account and stated firmly that he's in good health.

He urged all and sundry to discard the account (and all other fake accounts) and everything there in. He's promised to get back on social media in no distant time.

Nonso wants all to know he will never condescend to begging for financial aid online. Or ask his fans to send him money for any reason at all. The people doing these are faceless impostors seeking cheap attentions as well as duping gullible fans.

Please beward!

You can download the voice note Here and Here!
The fake account

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