Sunday, 20 March 2016

Juliet Ibrahim And Mr Nigeria, Bryan Okwara Are A Couple? | Photo

Well, I guess its quiet a pretty hard job keeping up with Juliet Ibrahim's love life. First we thought she was involved with former Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubuese, after the latter gave us something to speculate about in his birthday message to her on her last birthday, (see here).

And now, she's having us look at the possiblity of someone else being her Romeo. And that lucky dude is no one else but the current Mr Nigeria, Bryan Okwara.

Well, before y'all knock me off and say go get your facts right, I like you to know that they're the very ones fueling this speculation.

Yesterday both Juliet and Bryan shared this pic on their respective Instagram pages but with different caption.

Juliet wrote, "Bae 😘 @bryanokwara thx for being you #purplehearts 💜💜"

While Bryan wrote, "Shhhh its Alhaji and baebae! ...#purplehearts"

Well, don't tell me you didn't read any meaning into those words because I so do. And it seem to me like she's in the-why-settle-for-a-formal-champ-when-you-can-actually-have-the-current? kinda Just kidding!

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