Friday, 18 March 2016

Jim Ikye's Ex-publicist Accused Of Hacking Timaya And Ruth Kadiri's IG Pages

Just this week, Timaya and Ruth Kadiri's Instagram pages were hacked - Ruth Kadiri later got hers back after allegedly paying the sum of $200 to the hackers, while Timaya had to start all over again.
Now, someone (@funny_African_pics on IG) has done an some investigation and his evidence are pointing at popular Lagos based publicist, Baudex. (Pictured above) Baudex was Jim Ikye's publicist for a while before they had issues over money that lead to a bitter tweet fight, (read here)

Please continue to see the said evidence and Baudex's denial, Jim Ikye shades at him and his response....
"We got tired of people trying to hack our account, so we decided to get a scapegoat today.

Image 1 - We got an email, purportedly from Instagram, saying we should click on a link to get verified. We knew outrightly this was a phishing email, so we clicked on this link on an isolated computer to see where it'd lead us to. The link led us to

Image 2 - Next thought train was - who owns the website ? Thanks to the almighty "whois" tool, you can find out who owns what website provided the registrant's name hasn't been hidden. From the whois, we got the IP address of the website, alongside registrant's name. The name looked a bit fishy, so we decided to check the other websites, owned by the fraudster who owns by

Image 3 - We did this to get other websites owned by the fraudster and lo and behold, we saw Huzzle Inc and Baudex.

Guys, there are some basic precautionary measures you need to take in securing your social media accounts. 1) Do not use the same passwords twice (i.e your email password as your Instagram password) 2) Do not click on links you are not sure of. (3) No reputable organization would ask for your password via email (4) Before you login on any website, look at the link carefully. (5) Treat your passwords like your underwears - don't share with anyone.

Feel free to DM us for related queries. . .

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear," Funny African pic wrote on their IG page!

Shortly after Funny pics posted their evidence the said website used in hacking the Instagram pages was deleted.
And Beudex turned into a war....

A photo posted by HUZZLERECORDS (@baudex) on

His response to Jim Ikye's shade at him....
LWKMD so @Jim.iyke can let devil push him and tweet this, then post shit on his ig , old man don't let devil push you to make me open up on how I pushed Ur followers to 250k under one month and how I pushed your twitter from 105k to 319k in 2 weeks. Stop going around telling people lies the deal we had was never to help with Ur verification of you twitter , we never had such deal our deal was to get you followers and I did , which U never paid for Shebi everybody is trending and getting followers mine just increased from 125k-126k 😂😂😂😂 Plz Jim try make a public statement about the deal and let me post chats of your negotiations etc !! I have them all on whatsapp , why you want make devil use with your jobless girlfriend @Glogeworld abi wetin she call herself, did you now employ the services of funny African pics to tarnish my image? Lmao now instablogger is Ur friend ? Hahahahaha let me drop your whatsapp negotiations and we would see who is your friend maybe them no go carry your story like before wtf
A photo posted by HUZZLERECORDS (@baudex) on

What do y'all think??

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