Monday, 28 March 2016

How Marriage Has Changed Me - Actress Susan Peters

Nollywood actress, producer and entrepreneur, Susan Peters in a new interview with Encomium magazine talked about how marriage has changed her, her babybump which she unveiled at the AMVCA 2016, her career and more... See interview excerpt below...

How does it feel getting married?
It is sweet and it is also sour. You tend not to do all the things you used to do because you are not single any more. It is like a check button, it is a bit different from being single.
What are those things you can no longer do?
Just normal things single ladies do. You cannot do them anymore because people will talk. So, you have to be cautious.
What has marriage changed about you?
I am just adding weight. I don’t even understand.
Are you already on a nine month course?
Why are you asking. What is your own? You will see it when it becomes bigger, so wait.
As an actress, what do you think should change about Nollywood?
Honestly, I will give Nollywood credit. Even before I joined Nollywood, we were looking up to actors that started it. As the days went by, we kept growing and now, we are no longer in it for the money but for recognition. You feel delighted when they say your movie is nominated and you actually win an award. 
Even if you don’t win, the fact that you were nominated is a win for you. My movie was nominated at the AMVCA as Best Movie actress, we didn’t win but it was all good. If we had won, we would jump for joy. So, I give Nollywood credit. There are still some lapses. 
We need not cut corners so we can achieve our goals. If you have a low budget for your movie, it is better not to shoot such movie than talking on set and putting them into slavery. Get your budget, then you will get paid. Even in the Bible, a labourer should also get paid.
Will you say some producers are owing you?
Bo, they are not owing me. I have heard a lot of stories about other people who went in set and were not paid. It is totally bad. Those are the things we should check.
Will your new status influence the kind of roles you play?
No, not really. I am an actor. My husband met me in the job. He should support the job. It doesn’t change me from doing what I used to do. The only thing is, there are some other things I would not do. I will not act as a single lady. That is it. Every other thing maintains the status quo.
Will you take romantic roles or act nude?
I have never acted nude. That has been a no, no for me even before getting married. I don’t support it. I have never acted nude and will not act nude. Of course, you could take off some clothes but not totally nude. In our culture, we don’t allow that. If I try it, my mother in the village will say the village people have followed me to town.
What does 2016 hold for you?
It started slowly. Buhari’s economic policy is affecting everybody. We hope that the change has come to stay. We are in the third month of the year, we still have a long way to go. As time goes on, we hope things will turn around for good.
What do you want the government to do really?
They should hasten up with the promises they made to the people. It is as if the country is not moving. I know they are doing their best, but the masses are getting it really hot.

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