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Ese Oruru Never Wrote Love Letter To Yunusa - Parents

Yesterday, an alleged love letter supposedly written by 14-year-old Ese Oruru to Yunusa Dahiru aka Yellow was uncovered. The letter which immediately went viral after it was published by the Sunonline, proved that there might have been a kind of intimacy between Ese and Yunusa.
However, her parents have debunked claims that their daughter had written any such letter.

Ese’s mother, Mrs. Rose Oruru, denied the claims, noting that her daughter was forced to do things against her will in Kano State, where she was taken to by Yunusa.

She further said the teenager could not have written such a letter to her abductor from Bayelsa.
She said, “That letter is false. Ese told me she was forced to do a lot of things against her will, which she said she had to comply with because she did not want to die. If at all there was such a letter, she might have been forced to write it in Kano. She was held in a place where she did not know anybody. We, her parents and her siblings, were not there with her. She did not tell me about such letter.”
Similarly, Ese’s father, Mr. Charles Oruru, told Punch that he was not aware of the existence of such a letter, which he described as a fake.
“That is not true. All this talk of my daughter writing one love letter is rubbish. How can Ese write a letter to someone who does not know how to read and write? How would they read the letter to him? 
“I am not aware of such a letter. Also, one of Ese’s siblings would have known if there were such a letter in the first place, and would have questioned her about it. But of course, it is not true. This claim is a frame up by people that are just looking for a way to ensure this man (Yunusa) is not punished. But their plans won’t work. 
“This fake letter has nothing to do with this issue, because Ese is a minor. The main issue is that my daughter was abducted and taken to Kano without our consent; it is about abduction and kidnapping. Nobody can believe such a letter. 
“When Ese came back to Bayelsa, she wrote a statement, and she never mentioned such. She said she could not explain how she came to Kano, and that she was very afraid when she realised she was not in Yenagoa (the capital of Bayelsa State).”
In the same vein, the Executive Director, Kindling Hope Across Nations Initiative, Mr. Kizito Andah, who took on Ese’s case, said there was no evidence that the teenager had written such a letter to her alleged abductor.
He said, “I am not surprised. This is not the first time such false claims are being published. Nevertheless, an alleged ‘love letter’ still does not absolve him of the crime. As far as I am concerned, that letter is fictitious. If they say they have the letter, we would like to see it published in its natural form.””
Ese's alleged love letter reads:
Dear, Inusa how are you? I hope you are fine and all is well with you? Please don’t be annoyed by these words but I think it is best for the both of us. Please please please don’t be annoyed I beg of you Inusa, maybe everyone just have to say the truth. 
I want to start by saying thank you for everything if accepted, thank you yanzu, I would say I now know what is going on which you never wanted to tell me but I will say that is not fair. 
When I started selling here, I met Abubakar who once told me that he had fellings for me but I can never send because I did not have fellings for him, so I turned him down. Then again I met Genedu and I also turned him down. Now, it is Dantata which everybody knows that he loves me dearly but I find a lot of faults in him and don’t love him back. He has done his best to stay down and beg about one year now, if I am right, I will never lie to you Inusa. Dantata has been begging me to love him back but as soon as I wanted to fall for him you came back into my life. I still know that Dantata is still waiting for me only if I will accept him. 
Inusa I now know that you also love me and I have decided to love you back. I love you Inusa but sometimes I do think Dantata is still seeking. My name as know by myself is RITA and my main problem is that if I love you (Inusa) and you also love me what will become of us. You once told me you like me more than anyone else, but now I have seen how far you have gone in this case because it is very serious to me. 
You asked me to help you in just three ways in which you said: 
Follow me to my village – Kano State 
Leave your religion for mine – Christian and Muslim 
It is only you I love and no other person 
I have already accepted the first quest then while decide to tell me that you cannot take me along with you the same day it is very unfair. Inusa why, just tell me why you decide to be unfair. 
Well Inusa there were many other Hausa boys who asked for friendship but did not get it. I had so many people who I have lived with do you know what it means to live the people you had lived with for 13 good years of life. 
Think on me Inusa please 
I beg of you Inusa please 
Think on me 
My heart bit immediately or anytime I see you if you know how much I love you you will not think about hurting my fellings 
I still stand by you Inusa, yeallo yellow my best colour but one question who made you think. 
I write this because I am sick and tired of this baldadash I hear everyday. 
You should know this Genedu, Abubakar, Saidu are humans for crying out loud. Inusa to conclude this, taught you can solve this problem by just one thing. 
Your address and your phone number, maybe if we have to go one by one we shall do just that. 
No matter what happens I still love you Inusa 
No matter what the case may be I still love you Inusa 
From yours dearly Rita a.k.a Ese
On August 12, 2015, Ese, then 13, and a JSS3 pupil of Central Epie Secondary School, Opolo, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital, was abducted by Yunusa, a tricycle rider, from Bayelsa and taken to Kano, where her parents said their teenage daughter had been forced to convert to Islam, and forced into child marriage.

Yunusa was a long-standing customer of Ese’s mother, who is a food vendor.

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